Ship to Wisconsin

Thank you for your generous offer to recycle your magazines to for delivery to new at-risk readers. 

We’d absolutely love to receive your magazines. Please read the following details and ship them to the address below. We will get them to at-risk readers via our literacy newsstands like this in food pantries, shelters, youth mentoring, job training, and other programs. 

Please leave covers intact without cuts or tears. We’ll completely and cleanly mark out mailing address labels like this photo, or you can. 

If you do, ink labels should be marked with a black permanent marker. Paper labels can be peeled off. We’ll cover the spot with an opaque white mailing label to further protect your privacy and new reader dignity with a clean presentation. 

How to mail your recycled magazines

Follow the guidance below for packing your magazines and ship them to:
119 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd LL12
Madison, WI 53703

For mailing magazines, US Postal Service (USPS) flat rate boxes are best.

It’s important to not use media mail or library mail. The magazines don’t qualify for that. 

USPS medium flat rate boxes are the most cost-effective option, but large flat rate boxes can also be used. The boxes travel better when filled tightly to the top and taped around the entire circumference to keep them intact. 

For mailing National Geographic magazines, the more narrow size USPS medium flat rate is best (the box at the back in this photo). Two stacks of National Geographic magazines will fit side by side in this box.

The boxes are available at no cost from your local post office or online from the Postal Service website and can be shipped for about $16 postage for a medium size box.

The postage labels can be purchased at your Post Office or on the USPS website for printing at home.

You can schedule a pickup there at no additional cost – so, if you have shipping tape, you don’t need to leave your home. 

Please let us know when they ship by filling out the tracking numbers. This will help us with our follow-up.

Thank you again for your generous literacy support, and please contact us if you have any questions. 

Thank you!