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You can be part of solving a problem larger than ourselves. There are over 18 million U.S. kids in poverty, including over a million homeless students. Two-thirds of families in poverty have no books at home – zero. Researchers have found that poor infants hear 30 million fewer words when their brains are developing for life. 32 million adults and 1 in 5 high school graduates can’t read when success in our new economy demands it. A child unable to read is a child lost. Adults unable to read were once children who didn’t learn how. With your help today, we are changing this. Please donate to fund our mission to deliver magazines and comics to at-risk readers for literacy.

Magazines are the most powerful literacy engines on Earth

Why are magazines so special for literacy? Promoting literacy establishes a lifelong reading habit. Think about this – with titles for every reading age, enthusiasm, professional aspiration, and language, we can tailor your gift to deliver magazines that match exact literacy needs – like teaching science and engineering, or mentoring a teen who loves cars, sports, or fashion, or culinary job training, or comforting a homeless family. Studies show that holding reading materials in your hands increases learning. Magazines and are familiar and not intimidating. They educate and inspire. Magazines in hands and homes foster ownership and build self-esteem. Please donate to fund our literacy deliveries.

Literacy is the first step on the path to civility, humanity, and peace.

Literacy ends poverty of the mind, heart, and pocket. Consider the ignorance and mistrust that feeds inhumanity in the dark corners of the world. Civility is the antidote. Thoughtful literacy eliminates ignorance and promotes civility and peace. You can help us to change the world for good. Reading is where it all begins.

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