Recycle magazines and comics for literacy

Recycling the magazines and comics you love to at-risk readers is a meaningful way for consumers, businesses, and publishers to end illiteracy and poverty. With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines and comics are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet. 

Bundles of recycled publications are prepared by local volunteer teams for delivery to at-risk readers via our literacy newsstands like this in food pantries, homeless and domestic abuse shelters, youth mentoring, job training, school, judicial, foster care, and other programs.

Please complete the form below to tell us about the magazines or comics that you would like to recycle for literacy. Please include a description of the reading materials, including the approximate quantity. Based on that, we will supply you with a shipping address. Magazine donors cover their own postage costs.

Gently read magazines and comics should be in clean “good” condition with no cut, torn, or scribbled covers or pages, or moisture damage. You can mark out your mailing information with a black permanent marker or we will to protect your privacy. Then we cover the spot with a clean opaque white label for delivery to a new reader.

Except for a couple locations where we have local teams (Madison WI & Columbus OH) we can only receive your magazine and comic book donations if you mail them to us. Shipping information is below, and we will send you additional details with the mailing address when we receive your information in the form below.

Tightly packed USPS flat rate medium boxes are the most cost-effective way to send your magazines. The boxes are available at no cost from your local post office or online from the Postal Service website and can be shipped for about $17postage. A box of reading materials will serve 25 or more readers.

Magazine donors cover their own postage costs.

Tell us what you would like to recycle for literacy?

Approximately how old are your magazines or comics? We welcome materials of any age, as long as they meet the “good condition” criteria outlined above. Please select all that apply.

Are you able to ship them to us?

Would you like to learn more about organizing a team in your community?

Thank you for your generous support.

Registered literacy programs can get magazines here.

Reading is where it all begins. Thank you for joining with us to iMAGine what’s possible and to make it so.