A long-time magazine literacy hero calls home

Diana hoped that the magazines were helpful and said that the culinary magazines might be good for job training. Of course, she was either reading our minds or our blog, because we know and sing from the highest mountains that this is the awesome power of print mags for literacy, with 7,000+ titles, to match specific literacy program goals. It’s why we send Wooden Boat magazines to the Rocking the Boat mentoring youth program in the Bronx.

We think it was the latter, because she also mentioned the time we airlifted magazines to Inuit schools north of the Arctic circle in the middle of a polar vortex. You’d have to dig deep into our blog for that.

We explained to Diana that her purchases were mission critical, because children’s magazines are in highest demand and shortest supply for our literacy deliveries – we currently have near zero.

Diana has been our hero for a long-time. We smile when iMAGining the thousands – hundreds of thousands more Diana’s out there, knowing that people like Diana may have had their own children and grandchildren age out of their magazine gifting, but that the population of millions of children and families we serve never age out.

The passion of these magazine and literacy lovers is so great, they will search until they find us and our mailing address, and they will keep renewing their magazine gift purchases, month after month, and year after year, to change lives for good.

Contact us to learn how you can gift your favorite magazines to MagLiteracy.org for literacy.