Marines bring the literacy fight against poverty

To the Marines and other service members and veterans who recycle their favorite magazines to, thank you for your service. Magazine enthusiasts gift their favorite titles, like these Marine Corp Gazette, Leatherneck, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, and Marine Corp University Journals, to for delivery to eager at-risk readers via our literacy newsstands in […]

Moving mountains of magazines into the hands and homes of eager at-risk readers

The National Wildlife Federation, the very first publisher to back our global literacy moonshot 25 years ago, has just gifted enough Zoobie magazines to reach 18,000+ parents to read with their infants and children. Studies say that children in poor families hear 30 million fewer words when their brains are developing for life. Reading […]

Cricket Media and Quad deliver 200,000+ literacy smiles

Fueled by a generous donation of over 200,000 high quality children’s magazines from Cricket Media, and expert logistics transport, warehousing, and delivery to literacy programs by the Quad company, our planets have aligned to launch our literacy mission to new heights. Our moonshot at is to find a feed millions of at-risk children, teens, […]

Finding our literacy message in a bottle

By John Mennell This was like the message in a bottle that you tossed into the ocean, coming back to you. During a visit to setup a MagLiteracy newsstand at the Street Youth homeless center in Austin TX, that we will share more about soon, something happened that underscores the enormous power of our idea […]

Being literacy – what keeps me up at night?

By John Mennell What keeps me up at night? Prepping magazines for new readers. Anyone can do it. With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet. There is something profoundly and personally uplifting about gathering the magazines that you love or that others love […]