Grabbing #literacy by the longhorns in Austin TX

You will find a humanitarian confluence tucked in the basement at a far corner of the mighty UT 40 acres in downtown Austin. Here, at Street Youth Ministry, the deep needs of forgotten, invisible homeless and runaway youth meet the super powers of an entrepreneurial shepherd. Founder Terry Cole is dedicated to creating a safe, peaceful space to offer a couch, a meal, some shoes, and health and social service referrals to 60+ souls each week. Terry speaks often of stability with unstoppable optimism and a constant flow of good ideas. 
With generous support from two magazine consumers, we are sending Outdoor, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, New York, and Boys Life magazines. Another sent Better Homes & Gardens. From a nearby newsstand we shared these publications, with more to follow as we rise up to feed these neighbors hungry and eager to read. 

Terry and his staff, and the young people at Street Youth need your support. Each corner of the sanctuary provides a hopeful foundation for stability and dignity, but needs more resources. In one corner, a shelf of shoes needs more selection and sizes for weary feet. In another corner, a food pantry stocked full with cans of green beans needs protein-rich foods. Empty coffee tables are where we will share your enthusiasm for the magazines and comics you love with new readers. 
You can help. We need ambassadors in Austin TX and in your hometown to reach more readers. Join us. Tell the world.