Jazz magazines are music to our eyes

One of the great powers of magazines for literacy is that there are wonderful titles for every age, reading level, and interest – from infant to adult and spanning every imaginable subject.
Today, we received our first donation of jazz magazines!
We’ve received boxes of knitting magazines.
Sailing and boating magazines support mentoring programs.
Science, fashion, and car magazines inspire teens to reach for their dreams and journeys.
The culinary magazines we love to read, collect, and share inspire homeless and unemployed people in chef training programs.
Magazines are inspirational and aspirational. We are often asked what magazines should be provided for our literacy work. Reading about the topics that interest us promotes literacy skills. Supplying a wide range of magazine titles allows us to support child literacy, adult literacy, family literacy, financial literacy, functional literacy, health literacy, nutrition literacy, and media literacy.
Share the magazine love for literacy.