Lean literacy

We’ve reached the point where about half the inquiries to our literacy project come from desktop computers and a full half or more come directly from mobile devices. Thanks to the amazing support and hard work of so many individuals and businesses, coast to coast, and around the world, we have learned so many lessons about the enormous literacy power of magazines and comics. Literacy ends poverty. With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines and comics are the most powerful literacy levers on the planet. 
Based on our experiences, and keeping those efforts and momentum in gear, we are embarking on a special mission to deploy a lean, leveraged, mobile, global humanitarian marketplace to deliver reading materials to at-risk readers wherever they exist. 
The marketplace is joining together these key stakeholders to find and feed every person eager and hungry to read:
Literacy Ambassadors to locate community literacy needs. 
Literacy Champions to crowdfund delivery of Literacy Newsstands, stocked with new and recycled magazines and comics with our forever promise that 100% of donations deliver literacy to at-risk readers. 
Literacy Angels to underwrite research, logistics, and operations. 
Literacy Bees to crowdsource the collection and delivery of recycled magazines and comics for literacy.
Literacy Agents – to use our magazines and comics to support the literacy needs of the at-risk readers they serve. 
Most important, you can help us to build this strong and sustainable literacy marketplace. 
This is our moonshot. Join us
Tell the world.