Make literacy funding personal to change lives and the world for good

With just $31 to go to top $500 in literacy support and the start of the last year of my youth a few days away, I want to send an enormous THANK YOU to everyone gifting their own $ to match my $17 monthly contributions. This is personal in the way we all have our own special projects, making your willingness to back so very much appreciated. With your support we are doing so very much good in the world, and 100% of each dollar will put reading materials into the eager hands and homes of an at-risk reader who we would not otherwise be able to reach. 

My $17 is used to send magazines to a program in NYC serving all homeless families, and also to the Midtown Community Court, operated by the Center for Court Innovation, which runs a fatherhood program to encourage dads to read with their children, and other social service and workforce development programs, and even a community garden that is growing corn in an alley behind the court on W. 54th street. A program coordinator there asked for gardening magazines that we are sending. 

Your gift will support sending reading materials to programs like a Little Library at a community garden in a low income Salt Lake City neighborhood. Here is the request we received that we can now respond to:

Our community garden, the 4th East Community Garden, which is associated with Wasatch Community Gardens, has received a generous donation of a Little Free Library through their Impact Program, because we are in a low income area.  Our community garden is affiliated with the New Roots Program, a program that places refugees in community gardens as a way of community building and giving them a way to provide themselves with fresh produce.

The installation and continued usage of our Little Free Library has been a huge success! Local kids from one of the subsidized housing units next door actually exclaimed in excitement when we installed it!

It’s been way more popular than I ever could have imagined which is great! The need for books is clearly there! As the main steward for this little library, I’ve had a really tough time keeping it full of books. I slacked for a couple of weeks and came back to find it completely empty.

At this point, keeping the Little Library filled with books has become a financial burden on myself.

Community Garden Little Library Volunteer

At, we know the experience of our literacy shelves in food pantries, and Little Libraries, and youth mentoring, and job training, and homeless, and domestic abuse, and child trafficking, and foster care programs, emptying faster than we can fill them. 

Thank you for the dollars you are sending to change lives and to change the world for good by promoting reading and literacy.

Visit to donate funds and to contact us about your personal fundraising, so we can tell the world!

Thank you.