Marines bring the literacy fight against poverty

Among the new readers we reach are service members at veteran’s hospitals and overseas bases, and the too many who find our magazines at food pantries and homeless shelters. This is made possible by an army of volunteers who create a supply chain into the hands of readers. For example, Jacques A. Goldberg “Jag”, pictured below is high school senior and founder of Books4troops, who, with the support of his family provides books and magazines to military members on military bases, navy ships and VA Hospitals.

Jag is on the eastern Florida coast. We were offered two large supplies of magazines – one from a family on the west coast of Florida, and one from the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) attending a trade show in Orlando. Like a perishable food rescue operation, kindred spirit Nick Vojnovic, the founder of the Little Greek Fresh Grill restaurant chain mobilized his team to rescue the Orlando magazines, while Jag and his parents drove the large loop to pick up the west coast supply, and then to meet up with the Orlando supply, and return to home base to pack and deliver the magazines.

Jag reports:

A large portion of the magazines were sent to the following military facilities:

Ann Arbor VA Medical Center – Ann Arbor, MI

United Seaman’s Service – (Military Base)

Chaplain Cvetkovski (Military Base)

… As well as other VA medical facilities in the the South Florida area.

Thank you Jag for your service, and thank you to the Little Greek team, and to the hundreds of unstoppable volunteers who step up to make our literacy happen, so we can change lives and the world for good.