Muskingum County Literacy Council expands our reach down the last mile

The Magazine Literacy Bank in Johnstown, outside Columbus, Ohio, receives magazines recycled by consumers, publishers, and newsstands for delivery to at-risk readers via our teams and literacy partners in Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Alabama, and across the USA. 

We’ve had a long-time goal to expand our operations to surrounding communities, up to two hours in every direction from the Magazine Literacy Bank as a model for regional operations.

We’ve shipped magazines to literacy programs in Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, but want to create a regional volunteer delivery capability to about 20 counties surrounding the Magazine Literacy Bank warehouse. We’ve begun to find and serve needs in Licking, Knox, and now Muskingum County. 

The Muskingum County Literacy Council is gearing up for their annual “Reading is a Superpower” festival on May 7th with some supplies from the Magazine Literacy Bank

Literacy Festival

Thank you Cindy, Becky, Randy, and others from your team who have come out to pick up magazines and volunteer at our warehouse.