Parents Praise Project

One of the most important goals of the Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project is to promote family literacy – to help children and families experience and enjoy reading together. We are so glad to have the opportunity to bring literacy agents and generous sponsors together to help kids and families. Here’s what parents surveyed by one of our community literacy agents have to say…
“My child enjoys the magazine very much. I think it’s wonderful that
they (the sponsors) have provided it for families, and I thank them.”
“My daughter enjoys the articles, so she reads more.”
“We really don’t have a favorite (story/article). They are all good.”
“My son likes to sit down and read the stories over and over again.”
“He shares the magazines with me (the parent) as well as his brothers”
“I feel this is a great resource.”
“The stories are fresh and new. The picture finds are great.”
“Nice magazine with good stories.”
“Thank you, my daughter enjoys the magazine very much.”
“This magazine is very age appropriate. She enjoys the stories very much.”