Zoom around these photos to see the reason magazines are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet

When it comes to magazine reading, we are all enthusiasts about our favorite titles, whether sports, or science, or cooking, or knitting, or cars, or wooden boat sailing, or tattoos.
Literacy ends poverty. Our mission to get magazines and comics into hands, homes, and hearts is fueled by the love that millions of magazine readers have for their favorite titles, and their interest in sharing them with new readers. We are blessed with a steady stream of cherished publications – over a million recycled from consumers, businesses like Sappi Paper, Method Home Products, Johnson & Johnson, Maurice Sporting, ShineUnited, and Widen, and publishers, including Highlights for Kids, Conde Nast, Time Inc., Hearst, Meredith, National Geographic, Cricket, US Lacrosse, Owl for Kids, Scholastic, and so many more.  We get them to new readers via literacy programs in food pantries, homeless and domestic violence shelters, mentoring and job training programs and foster care. 
With logistics and promotional support from generous companies, like Quint & QuintRyleco, Quad/Graphics, and Schneider, we’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of publications for literacy via foodbanks to feed people hungry to read. We send your culinary magazines to programs that train the homeless and unemployed to become chefs. We even airlifted 2,000 magazines to Inuit children north of the Arctic Circle in the middle of the polar vortex.
The magazines shown here are among thousands gifted to MagazineLiteracy.org by our friends at the MPA – Association of Magazine Media, received for judging and then recycled to us for literacy rather than destroyed, so they can live on with new readers.

Our ambassadors – literacy angels – Marie from NJ, Vanika from Brooklyn, and John from CT, with kindred spirits recruited by our friends at ED2010 and Conscious magazine, have descended on the MPA offices to box up the magazines for delivery to readers via nearby food pantries and shelters. Among the thousands of magazines are wonderful publications for all ages, across a wide range of topics – Popular Science and Popular Mechanics, Parenting, People, Food Network, Dwell, Men’s Journal, Golf Digest, Teen Vogue, New York, National Geographic, and Lapham’s Quartly, to name just a few.
Join us to change the world – one precious magazines, one precious reader at a time.