Celebrating Children's Illustrator Aja Mulford

We are celebrating Aja Mulford – a fabulously talented children’s illustrator who is helping to bring MagazineLiteracy.org to life. Aja’s work is so fresh and colorful. We are very excited about this collaboration and the wonderful possibilities. Stay tuned.

crowdSPRING creatives deliver banner results

A very talented and generous group of crowdSPRING creatives have designed and delivered a full portfolio of online advertising to promote MagazineLiteracy.org. Display these wonderful ads will help us to fill our magazine literacy pipeline.

crowdSPRING has sprung for MagazineLiteracy.org ad campaign

Please join us in thanking the folks at crowdSPRING who have adopted MagazineLiteracy.org as their current Give Back client.  This enables us to tap tens of thousands of very talented and creative designers to produce our online banner ad campaign. Founded by Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson, crowdSPRING was started to help people from aroundContinue reading “crowdSPRING has sprung for MagazineLiteracy.org ad campaign”