Being literacy – what keeps me up at night?

What keeps me up at night? Prepping magazines for new readers. Anyone can do it. With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet.

There is something profoundly and personally uplifting about gathering the magazines that you love or that others love to read and have passed on to you into a pile.

Then preparing them for delivery to new readers for their joy and literacy. The whole time – through each step of stacking, sorting, labeling, imaging, packaging, and delivering – thinking about those readers and how you are sharing your enthusiasms with kindred spirits, knowing the power to change their lives in the moment, whether by learning, or comfort, or the sense that someone cares about them, or to spark a smile.

Also knowing how your favorite magazines lift you up, and so knowing their power to change lives for good.

Reading is where it all begins. Share the magazine love.