Finding our literacy message in a bottle

During a visit to setup a MagLiteracy newsstand at the Street Youth homeless center in Austin TX, that we will share more about soon, something happened that underscores the enormous power of our idea to connect consumer enthusiasts and the magazines and comics they love with kindred at-risk readers.

I was sitting on the couch talking to Billy, the volunteer coordinator, about what types of magazines would be interesting for the youth and young adults at the center. He said, you know – we were receiving Boys’ Life magazine and that made a connection with our readers.

I told Billy, we had actually sent that one year subscription from a gift made by one of our donors who specified that magazine.

So, with that, we engaged and connected a donor who loves a particular magazine with readers who greatly enjoyed and appreciated the gift. Let’s do more of that.

If you love culinary magazines, consider the enormous power in gifting them to a culinary job trainee. If you are a student, imagine reaching a homeless student to share a magazine you love to read. We know that, each night 30,000 moms and their children sleep in a domestic abuse shelter. We have a long-time dream to comfort every mom and every child in every shelter with a magazine gift.

Imagine what’s possible and join us to make it so.