Cricket Media and Quad deliver 200,000+ literacy smiles

Our moonshot at is to find a feed millions of at-risk children, teens, adults, and families hungry to learn and love to read. We do that by sharing favorite magazines and comics donated by consumers, businesses, and publishers with new readers via community literacy programs at food pantries, homeless and domestic abuse shelters, and mentoring sites.

We know that everything begins with reading and that two-thirds of America’s 18 million children in poverty have zero books at home – zero. Poor infants hear 30 million fewer words read to them when their brains are developing for life. We are changing that today. With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines and comics in hands and homes are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet.

This angel investment of beautiful children’s magazines and logistics support from Cricket Media and Quad is putting beaming happy smiles and lifting the spirits of hundreds of thousands of eager readers – changing these so many young lives for good.