Thank you – words worth a thousand pictures

This thank you note made our day today and more. Thank you to everyone who carries and passes on our #literacy flame to change lives for good.

We are posting this thank you note from a homeless program we serve as a way to share it to thank the thousands of volunteers, businesses, publishing, printing, donors, recyclers, and other literacy champions who make our at mission thrive. Thank you!

The families being serviced here are presently enduring the battle of homelessness. Often the children we service are arriving and enduring this very difficult situation with just what they are currently wearing and nothing else. Being able to receive your donation empowers that child in a very special way.

The excitement and joy that was expressed by the children receiving these magazines was a very special moment for all, especially for those receiving and those whom were fortunate to witness the huge smiles as they searched through the selections. I extend to you a special appreciation for the various genres of magazines provided to select from. I must inform you that the young teenageers in attendance were elated with the sports magazines and often during the fair they had conversations of various players and were eager to explore the pages and share facts.