Independence from poverty – the mathematics of reading. 

Literacy = freedom + prosperity = dignity = civility. 
As Independence Day approaches, is redoubling its efforts to zero in on three focus areas that we know we can broadly replicate to attack illiteracy as a root cause of poverty, and to bring comfort and the joy of reading to children, teens, and adults:
1. mentoring where magazines and comics create a bond around common interests; 
2. domestic violence shelters protecting 35,000+ moms and children every night; and
3. getting reading materials into hands and homes to feed people hungry to read via the vast network of food banks and food pantries. 
We know that with titles for every interest and reading level, magazines and comics are especially powerful for literacy. Reading is Fundamental says that two-thirds of 16 million children living in poverty have no books at home – a stunning statistic that we can change today. 
Your faith and support makes it possible. Join us. Tell the world.