Literacy volunteers mark MLK Day with a weekend of service to reach thousands of readers, worldwide

Saturday – volunteers swarm the Ohio Literacy Bank to sort magazines for home bundlers and literacy program deliveries across the region, and for shipping to USA literacy programs and overseas.

Sunday – home bundlers drop-off and pick up fresh supplies of magazines. An Ohio State Service sorority picks up boxes of magazines to pack for shipment to literacy programs.

Monday – MLK Day – Ohio State Students and service organizations kick-off sorting, packing, and shipping magazines to literacy programs for at-risk children and families.

Everything that matters begins with reading. With over 7,000 titles in the US alone, for every reading age, enthusiasm, professional aspiration, and language, and millions of donated copies available from newsstands, publishers, and consumers, that would otherwise be destroyed, magazines are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet.

Join us to iMAGine what’s possible and to change the world for good.