This remarkable literacy brigade is thriving at Ohio State University during the pandemic.

Ending poverty through literacy: New student organization and related not-for-profit seek volunteers | Department of English

As we get our literacy flywheel turning at the new Ohio Literacy Bank, like a food bank that feeds hungry minds, we are fueled by the passionate energy of so many young people, like Aya who helps to run our social media, and Aly who handles our communications with consumer literacy recyclers, and Jazmyne who organizes our media lists and homeless outreach, and the students at Reynoldsburg High School and others bundling magazines for delivery to new readers.

All this on the shoulders of young people lifting our efforts in Wisconsin, Toronto, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, across the USA, and around the world.

Reading is where it all begins and we are so very grateful and inspired by the young champions helping us to share the magazine love for literacy.