University of Wisconsin student leader Cassidy Slinger lights the way for Madison literacy

By Amelia Robinson For Cassidy, the most important part of working with has been finding new purpose for all different kinds of magazines and comics, some of which are aimed at highly specific audiences.

Two girls and a mom assemble magazine literacy bundles for school children in India

by John MennellChloe and her mom have invited friends like Dina over to the Global Literacy Outreach Center in Madison, WI to help sort and bundle magazines and comics for delivery to readers near and far. With your help, these wonderful magazine gifts will be airlifted half-way around the world to school children in India.

Wisconsin students support global magazine literacy operations

by Kristin Benz Kristin Benz runs a program at Waunakee High School that provides hands-on vocational training to students with developmental disabilities. has had the pleasure and privilege to work with these students for the past three years who are supporting operations at our Global Literacy Outreach Center in Madison, WI, and with manyContinue reading “Wisconsin students support global magazine literacy operations”